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Nov 19, 2020

This episode builds from a previous conversation between Ed Lea (Harlequins RFC) and host Jason Hettler on Periodization. In this episode they each share specific examples of how they program for the athletes they work with and cover topics such as gender differences and curved treadmills.

Nov 15, 2020

For episode 20 we welcome Coach Debbie Ferguson McKenzie from the University of Kentucky. Debbie is a member of the famed Bahamas Golden Girls 4x100 Relay. After a decorated professional career we sit down and talk with her about her transition into coaching:

2:30 - Decorated Professional Track Career

8:50 - Longevity in the Sport

11:30 - Getting Into Coaching

16:15 - First Hurdle Coaching Experience

19:15 - Old vs New School Speed

21:45 - Things I Wish I Knew as an Athlete

25:10 - Track Career Helping to Coach

30:00 - Lessons from Mentors

35:45 - The Spirit of Giving

42:25 - Awesome Track Stories

Oct 28, 2020

Join Jason Hettler and Edward Lea of Harlequins RFC for a discussion around all things periodization.

Oct 25, 2020

This episode we are joined by long-time Hampton Head Coach Maurice Pierce. Coach Pierce has won over 30 conference titles over his coaching career and mentored several athletes to international success...

1:35 Staying Power at Hampton & Coaching Journey

9:00 Rich Track Culture in Virginia

14:10 Coaching at an HBCU

19:50 Switching Conferences to the Big South

25:50 Coaching with Team USA

32:40 Coaching Multiple Events

36:10 Evolution of James Carter, Kellie Wells, Yvette Lewis & David Payne

46:00 Francena McCorory Development

49:50 Working with the Strengths of Athletes

1:03.40 Great Track Story

Oct 10, 2020

Coach Calvin Robinson from Texas Tech is our guest this week. We discuss him going from a jumper and jumps coach to becoming one of the nation's best sprints coaches and his development along the way:

3:20 Coaching Journey for Jumper to Sprints Coach

8:45 Impactful Coaches

15:00 Winning an NCAA Team Title

20:45 Divine Odurudu and Developing the 200m Runner

31:10 Short Hurdle Training

34:15 Long Hurdle Training

37:55 Combo Sprinters & Hurdlers

41:50 A Lesson learned from Mickael Hanany

49:50 A Great Track Story


Oct 2, 2020

Join us for a conversation with 2 x Nike Coach of the Year Lawrence "Boogie" Johnson. Boogie has coached Olympic and World Champions in Brianna McNeal & Dalilah Muhammad along with another slew fantastic hurdlers ... also check out his cool Hurdle Mechanic clothing line:

1:30 Background and Mentors

10:45 Running at Arkansas

20:45 What Factors Make You a Good Coach?

27:10 From College to Pro Coach

30:30 College vs Professional Athletes

36:15 Hurdler Talent Identification

46:05 Short Hurdle Philosophy

54:30 Training Beyond Hurdling

1:01:20 400H vs 100H

1:07:30 The 400H World Record Build Up

1:17:50 Hurdling Mentality

1:25:45 Great Track Stories


Sep 24, 2020

We are joined today by UCF Head Coach Dana Boone. Dana details her transition from jumper to sprints coach and from Assistant to Head Coach and provides insight into her training philosophy:

3:10 - Coaching Stops & Journey

9:10 - Mentors

13:00 - Difference between Assistant & Head Coach

18:30 - Influences in Head Coaching

24:50 - From Jumper to Sprints Coach

26:35 - Sprint Training Philosophy

32:45 - Favorite Event to Coach

33:20 - Weekly Setup

41:45 - Dream 4x1s and 4x4s

50:10 - Fun Track Story

Sep 18, 2020

Today we are joined by long-time Florida Strength Coach Matt DeLancey. In this episode we discuss all things strength and power related...

1:00 Journey is Strength & Conditioning

4:00 Mentors

7:30 Speed & Power Philosophy

12:40 Developing Sprinters & Hurdlers

17:35 Lessons from Swimming & Volleyball

22:30 Strength is Just One Variable

24:55 Individualization Strategies

29:45 Periodization Model

32:20 Commonalities among Event Groups

35:35 Strength Reserve

41:50 Weight Room Gender Differences

45:55 Communication with Event Coaches

49:30 Something you Changed your Mind About

52:35 Steve Spurrier Story

54:15 Great Stories

Sep 10, 2020

This week we are joined by Coach Lennox Graham of Clemson University. We discuss Lennox's Jamaican coaching roots, hurdle philosophy, the difference between being a head vs assistant coach and the development of World Champion Danielle Williams

1:30 Coaching Career in Jamaica

5:45 Coming to the US as a Coach

10:30 Differences being a Head vs Assistant Coach

15:30 Hurdles Culture in Jamaica

19:00 Hurdles Philosophy

24:30 Training Rhythm

27:15 Development of Danielle Williams

44:00 Force on the Ground

53:00 Great Track Story

Sep 3, 2020

On this episode we welcome long-time Miami Head Coach Amy Deem. Amy has been a staple of NCAA and international track for years, culminating in appointments to lead Team USA. We talk about her evolution as a coach, special athletes she has worked with, hurdle technique, as well as the mental and culture sides of athletics.

1:30 Longevity at Univeristy of Miami

5:30 Mentors

7:15 Building a Program from Scratch

10:10 Learning from Gary Winckler

12:40 Culture of Miami

15:50 Team USA Head Coach

19:45 Coaching Lauryn Williams

25:50 Hurdle Philosophy Evolution

36:15 Differences between 100H & 110H

44:20 Mental Preparation for Big Meets

49:10 Team Building in an Individual Sport

51:40 Something you Changed Your Mind About

57:45 Great Track Story

Aug 28, 2020

Today we are joined by longtime Baylor stalwart Mike Ford. In this episode Mike talks to us about his running and coaching career, in particular what it was like to be around Sanya Richards, Jeremy Wariner, Darold Williamson and Tiffani McReynolds.

1:45 - Growing up in Rochester, NY

13:45 - On the late Cedric Walker

21:30 - Heading to Waco, TX

29:25 - Baylor 400m Legacy

36:00 - Pro Training Group

44:00 - 400m Philosophy

50:00 - Hurdles Training w/ Tiffani McReynolds

1:00.30 - Athlete Buy-In

1:10.00 - Collaborating w/ Coaches

1:18.00 - Awesome Track Story

Aug 20, 2020

Today we welcome the always insightful and entertaining Coach Larry Wade from the UNLV Rebels. Larry talks about his professional and collegiate experiences, being a successful Boxing Fitness Trainer and some great stories involving Dominique Arnold.

0:45 Giddings, Texas Upbringing

5:00 College vs Terrence Trammell

7:45 Training at Early Day HSI

13:45 Adversity in Professional Career

16:45 Transitioning to College Coaching

21:45 Training Boxers

29:00 Rhythm & Timing in Boxing & Track

31:50 Mentality in Boxing & Track

34:25 100 Hurdle Philosophy

39:30 Training Week Setup

41:30 Differences vs 100H & 110H

43:15 Signs that an Athlete is Ready to Roll

47:20 Changing your Mind about Something

56:30 Great Track Story

Aug 17, 2020

Brendan James Cole is a former Australian Olympian in the 400m Hurdles and current coach/therapist consultant in various sports. He has formerly been employed by us at ALTIS and the United States Bobsled and Skeleton Federation.


1:40 - History as an Olympic 400m Hurdler

7:20 - Favorite training menu items as an athlete

13:30 - Ending the Athletic Career and Transitioning to Coach/Therapist

17:20 - Blending the lines between coaching and therapy.

23:35 - The psychological aspect of injury and reducing training gaps

25:25 - Safeguarding against dependency on manual therapy

28:25 - The difference between coaches with high-level athletic backgrounds and those without

35:45 - Applying track and field knowledge to Winter sports and the role of variability

51:00 - Introducing plyometric training in multiple settings

55:55 - Progressing plyometrics beyond the Rudiment Hop Series

1:04:17 - Footwear considerations and barefoot training

1:10:27 - Takeaways from other training groups on the Bobsled/Skeleton tour

1:14:30 - Targeting fascial health from a coaching and therapist perspective

1:21:50 - Multi-planar work with linear populations

1:24:48 - Current endeavors and closing comments

Aug 13, 2020

This week we welcome Coach Dave Hegland from Syracuse. Dave has helped develop a lot of fast hurdlers including Jarret Eaton, Donald Politt, Freddie Crittenden and Angelo Goss among others.

2:05 Coaching Background

4:00 Mentors

7:00 Training Philosophy Evolution

8:25 Limited Facilities & Cold Temperatures

11:00 Hurdle Training & Philosophy

13:40 Weekly Training Setup

19:50 Hurdle Talent ID

21:45 Development of Jarett Eaton & Freddie Crittenden

30:00 When are Hurdlers Ready to Run Fast

36:00 An Instance Where You Changed Your Mind About Something

42:00 Who Would You Like to Listen To

Aug 11, 2020

In this episode Jason Hettler discusses the social and developmental impact of Strength & Conditioning with Dave Hembrough. 

In the early stages of Dave’s career he found himself working with a variety of athletes at the Olympic, Commonwealth, and World Championship levels. This included sports such as rugby, table tennis, golf, boxing and downhill mountain biking. 

While Dave speaks very highly of these experiences, after 5-6 years he realized he was looking for more.

This episode covers Dave's current work as a Sport Scientist at Sheffield Hallam University and as founder of the Hallam Barbell Club. 

The episode ends with Dave sharing his personal Purpose Statement, his take on Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg’s motto, “Move fast and break things” and his answer to, “What does sport/competition mean to you?”.

Aug 6, 2020

Today we welcome Coach Sammy Dabbs. Sammy has coached athletes at the High School, Collegiate and Professional level. In this chat he shares with us his insights into his coaching journey, elaborate training setups and his love for toothpicks and root beer.

2:45 Coaching Journey

10:55 Texas Track Culture

13:55 Million Dollar Race with Marquise

22:55 Football vs Track Speed

26:45 HS, College and Pro Training

35:35 Cone Obstacle Courses

38:20 Bully Coaching

43:45 Knowing when Athletes are Ready

49:10 400H Philosophy

1:01:55 Fun Track Story

Jul 30, 2020

Today's conversation is with Coach Jeff Petersmeyer of Louisville. Jeff talks about his coaching stops, love for pizza and making due with limited resources. He also gives us some insight into his exploration of language as it relates to cueing and reminisces about his experiences at the 2012 Olympics.

1:15 Coaching Journey

3:00 Love of Pizza

6:00 Pizza & Coaching

8:30 Coaching with Limited Resources

13:00 400H & Coaching Philosophy

15:45 Cueing & Language

25:00 A Time in your Career you Decided to Change Things Up

31:45 Experience of Coaching the Multis at the Olympics

(... apologies for the somewhat abrupt ending, we had technical difficulties the last few minutes)

Jul 23, 2020

We are excited to talk with UTEP sprints & hurdles Coach Lacena Golding-Clarke today. Coach Lacena is a multiple Olympian for her native Jamaica (though don't tell her friends) and has now been crushing it as a coach for years. Listen in as she talks about her journey and the development of star pupil Tobi Amusan...

2:30 - Her Background from Jamaica, College and Professional

8:10 - Jamaican Champs

10:30 - Lessons form being an Athlete to becoming a Coach

16:30 - Hurdle Philosophy

20:00 - American vs Jamaican Coaching

22:00 - Coaching Mentors

26:30 - The development of Tobi Amusan

39:00 - Her friends don’t know she was in the Olympics

40:00 - The Power of Listening

Jul 15, 2020

Joining us today is University of Iowa Head Coach Joey Woody. Joey talks with us about is 400H professional career, coaching experience, developing hurdlers, athlete monitoring and adapting training.

1:15 Professional 400H Career
12:30 Looking Towards Coaching & Mentors
19:45 Being an Assistant Coach
24:30 Being a Head Coach
28:00 Short Hurdle Philosophy and Training
40:00 Long Hurdle Philosophy and Training
1:06:00 Athlete Monitoring
1:09:00 Fun Track Stories

Jul 8, 2020

Yvonne Wade

We are joined today by UNLV Head Coach Yvonne Wade. In this episode we discuss her professional athlete career for Japan, being a head coach in "Sin City" - and of course lots of training insights.

1:10 - Post Collegiate Career Competing for Japan
5:15 - Japanese vs Jamaican Culture
6:45 - From Athlete to Assistant to Head Coach
8:40 - Living and Coaching in Vegas
10:45 - Hurdle Philosophy
16:00 - Hurdle Mentality
27:00 - Not Using a lot of Drills
36:45 - Considerations for Adding Elements into Training
38:50 - Great Track Story

Jul 2, 2020

We are joined this episode by University of North Carolina sprints & hurdles coach Adrian Wheatley. Coach Wheatley transitioned to North Carolina after a very successful stint at the University of Illinois. He has extensive experience coaching both short and long hurdlers, including combo hurdler David Kendziera.


2:45 University of Tennessee Memories

5:50 Mentors

21:00 Developing into a middle distance athlete

23:40 Short Hurdle Philosophy

28:05 Long Hurdle Philosophy

36:30 Training Cycle Breakdown

41:50 Favorite Workout Sessions

48:50 Fun & Training Stories

Jun 25, 2020

Mohammad is currently employed by NASA and has a degree in Engineering as well as an MBA. He also ran track collegiately and has 4 years experience coaching track and volleyball. The combination of these experiences means that Mohammad brings an interesting perspective to coaching and performance.

Show Notes:

0:55 - Mohammad’s Background & Connecting Business with Sport

8:42 - Why You Should Care About Project Management

13:13 - The Challenges with Project Management

18:45 - Overarching Themes of Project Management

20:30 - Waterfall Methodology

25:16 - Agile Methodology

28:46 - Scrum Methodology

32:19 - Lean Six Sigma Methodology

39:10 - Changing course and playing the long game

44:23 - Risks & Mitigation

46:14 - Commandments & Monuments

50:04 - Reviewing the process

54:06 - Getting the client involved

56:34 - Closing Remarks

Jun 16, 2020

Our guest today is none other than Coach Curtis Taylor, Associate Head Coach for the Oregon Ducks. Coach Taylor has built a sprint factory in Eugene and helped the Ducks win countless National Titles. He sits down with us to talk about his Oakland roots, his mentor Tony Wells, as well as his own sprint & hurdle philosophy.

1:30 Mentors

7:00 Tony Wells’ influence

11:45 Oakland background & youth development

24:00 Hurdle philosophy

42:25 Double knee start

50:20 Experiences that brought forth growth

55:30 Evolution of the sport & coaching profession

62:15 Favorite track stories


Jun 2, 2020

Hosted by Jason Hettler, this episode is a follow-up to a previous conversation with Dr. Gareth Sandford on Anaerobic Speed Reserve (ASR). This conversation builds upon the first and covers the practical application of ASR in individual and team sport settings.

Part 1:

ASR Intro Video:


1:35 - Operational Definitions (Speed Reserve vs Anaerobic Speed Reserve (ASR))

6:45 - The integration of aerobic physiology with ASR

8:00 - Finding signal through noise in your testing

11:45 - Does 400m sprint time represent speed?

15:20 - How does anaerobic capacity and repeat sprint ability fit in with ASR?

22:40 - ASR test protocols for individuals and team sport

37:10 - Troubleshooting testing in the field

46:00 - Data management and collaboration across a multidisciplinary team

49:18 - How to apply ASR to high-intensity interval training prescription

53:31 - Developing max sprint speed in aerobic-dominant profiles

1:00:38 - Summary and Closing Remarks

May 25, 2020

Join us on this inaugural episode for a chat with legendary sprints & hurdles coach Vince Anderson. Coach Anderson has coached at the University of Tennessee and Texas A&M. He has produced countless NCAA Champions and World Medalists. Among the athletes he has coached include: Justin Gatlin, Aries Merritt, Gary Kikaya, Shamier Little, Jessica Beard, Phyllis Francis ... and many more.

1:35 Coaching Journey

7:00 Mentors

9:00 Lessons from Mentors

17:50 Wickets & Acceleration Ladder

28:50 Background as an Architect

35:50 Short Hurdle Philosophy

43:40 Short Hurdle Technique Pointers

52:55 Great Track Story

* Outro beat produced by 110H Freddie Crittenden

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