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Mar 13, 2023

Take two high achieving women and get them together for a chat about all things women’s health as it relates to hormones, periods and performance.

What do you get?

45 minutes of insight filled information that is a must watch or listen for any coach working with female athletes.

Recently – two Australians – Olympian and ALTIS Graduate – Ella Nelson sat down with Functional Nutrition and Women’s Health expert – Tara Thorne to discuss this crucial topic. 

Tara is a Functional Health Practitioner and a Certified Functional Nutrition Coach and a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner. Tara also has training from the Institute for Functional Medicine, specifically in hormones and is an expert at interpreting the DUTCH comprehensive hormone test, the GI MAP test, the HTMA test and other functional health tests. Tara has more than 8 years clinical experience helping women around the world optimize their health and eliminate their symptoms. 

0 – 4 minutes – Introduction and Tara’s background
4:45 minutes – What hormones are key players in women’s health?
8 minutes – Hormone imbalances
11 minutes – Who hormone imbalances can impact, and at what ages
13:50 minutes – The impact of birth control on hormones
15:20 minutes – Performance Sport and hormones – Ella’s experiences as an athlete struggling with hormonal dysfunction
16:04 minutes – The term ‘adrenal fatigue’, HPA dysfunction, the Adrenal Glands, leaky gut and immune responses
20:44 minutes – Gut Health and its impact on hormonal health
30:56 minutes – -What causes hormonal imbalance?
33:48 minutes – Tests used to monitor and pinpoint deficiencies

40 minutes – How coaches can best support female athletes to maximize hormonal health

Learn more here:

Reach out to Tara Thorne here:


Mar 16, 2022

For episode 7 we welcome Coach Mo Wells the VP of Pro Sports for House of Athlete. Mo trains a diverse group of professional athletes and just returned from the NFL Combine. He is uniquely positioned to comment on speed development in a variety of different sports.

You can follow him on:

Twitter: @MoKnowz_  and  Instagram: moknowz

1:05 Give us an instance(s) when you personally realized there are levels to this track game?
3:20 Talk to us about your track origins at McNeese State and LSU
8:00 When did you decide you wanted to be a coach?
11:45 What did you learn from track?
14:10 How did you then have to evolve to help coach other sports? And who were some mentors along the way?
17:45 Tell us about House of Athlete and how you arrived there?
19:55 You are uniquely qualified to speak on this: In your observation, what is the difference between track sprinting speed, football speed and basketball speed?
22:45 Another kind of speed is hurdle speed. Give you some insight into helping Alaysha Johnson qualify for World Indoors in the 60H.
26:20 You just got back from the NFL Combine, you only have 8-10 weeks to prepare these football athletes (as opposed to a whole season for track). What are your considerations with such a limited amount of time? (Like what things do you address, are there things you stay away from in training).
30:00 NFL guys have different positional demands and body types, gives us some examples how you train them based on who you have in front of you.
32:00 How would NFL offseason training differ for a vet vs a combine athlete?
34:30 The one guy who keep popping up with the highlights is Ja Morant … how have you been able to support what he is doing on the court?
38:00 You also coach combat athletes - boxers specifically
41:00 You have been outspoken on social media and championing collaboration between coaches. Why are you so passionate about this?
43:45 Share a cool/fun track or training story with us!
45:30 Who should we have on the show that you could help us get?

Mar 8, 2022

Our guest today is 3x Olympian and 7x World Championship competitor Kareem Streete-Thompson, now Associate Head Coach at UT San Antonio. Kareem is the only athlete besides Carl Lewis to have run sub 10 seconds in the 100m dash and Long Jumped over 8.50 meters. Enjoy the conversation!

1:30 Give us an instance(s) when you realized there are levels to this track game?
4:45 Give us the backstory of growing up in Cayman Islands and making your way to Rice? How did you decide on Rice?
14:00 Talk to us about Victor Lopez. What did he impart on you during your time together?
17:40 What was it like competing at the international level as a sprinter AND jumper?
24:45 How did you come to train with Dan Pfaff?
31:55 How did your warmup & prep differ for LJ vs Sprint event?
39:20 Give us some tales of Dan Pfaff?
42:45 What advice do you have for athletes transitioning into coaching?
46:45 What is a song that represents you?
48:30 Who are you 5 favorite rappers?
49:50 Give us a cool track story or 2?
53:50 Who should we have on the show that you could help us get?

Feb 7, 2022

For episode 5 we welcome 110 Hurdle legend and now Director of Track at Howard University David Oliver. We reminisce about his hurdling career and talk about his transition to coaching ...

1:45 Give us an instance(s) when you realized there are levels to this track game?

6:00 Seeing what you accomplished throughout your career is pretty special considering you weren’t the quintessential high school hurdler. What is it about you that you feel sets you apart from other hurdlers?

10:50 Tell us about your High-school career as multi-sport athlete and the Denver track culture?

14:30 You leave Howard as an All-American to join the pro ranks. During a very competitive period in the 110s. What was that first year as pro like?

20:00 What is one of your favorite pro career memory?

32:30 How did Coaching come about, was that something you planned for?

44:00 Sometimes it is the small victories in coaching

48:00 How have you adapted to coaching athletes that can’t train like you?

51:00 What is something you learned from another athlete?

56:30 What did you get out of track beyond competing & medals?

57:45 Who are your coaching influences?

1.05:30 Give us a cool/fun track story

1.14:00 Who should we have on the show that you could help us get?


Jan 7, 2022


Host Andreas Behm sits down with Coach Vince Anderson (author of the ALTIS Relays Course) to chat about the 4x100 Relay and answer YOUR questions submitted via social media and email on this event.

The questions we tackle in this special episode:

- What do you enjoy about coaching Relays?
- Biggest things to be aware of in the 4x100?
- The importance of aggression in the 4x100
- Why do relays set the tone for a track meet?
- Why is the 4x1 song of choice “The Wait” by the Pretenders?
- Is the anchor leg always where you should put your fastest runner?
- How do you work with an athlete on a leg they don’t want to run?
- What is the most overlooked aspect in teaching the sprint relay? What do we as coaches tend to take for granted?
- What should you look for in a curve runner in the 4x100?
- What is the psychology of staying calm and cool on the 3rd leg?
- 4th leg reading the mark all the runners converge in that zone any advice on focusing in on just your teammate, it is total chaos.
- Is it worth it to set up exchanges so that your stronger runners get the baton sooner in the zone and/or give later?
- What is recommended when an outgoing runner receives what I would call a "short stick" where the athlete does not receive the end of the stick in their hand but more in the middle.  This causes a bit of a problem when they go and try to hand off to the next runner having only 1/2 the stick available to place in the hand.  


Oct 31, 2021

For this episode we welcome four special guests! The members of the Athens 2004 Gold Medal winning British 4x100m Relay Team. It is not everyday one gets to chat with an entire Olympic relay squad and listen to their perspectives. The four members that shocked the world with their victory are:

Jason Gardener

Darren Campbell

Marlon Devonish

Mark Lewis-Francis

These four gentlemen published a book around their Olympic exploits, their experience growing up as minorities in Great Britain and the aftermath of winning Gold.

The book is called Our Race: The Untold Story of an All-Time Sporting Shock

Available via Amazon:

If you enjoy this podcast episode, we urge you to check out the book!

0:30 Introductions

4:20 Talk to us about the preparation. What was the relay training situation like?

7:30 How often had you four run in this formation before the Athens Games? With all the ups and downs you'd had individually and collectively, how come you had so much belief that Athens would be your moment?

12:00 What were the main hurdles you had to overcome in order to negotiate your personal rivalries and gel as a group?

18:45 Usually in relay squads members have different roles, can you describe your role within the team.

22:15 What was the time in the call room and then on the track like before the finals?

32:10 Walk us through the race from leg to leg (handing off to one another). What were you aware of while you were running?

42:00 Once a 4x1 runner hands off the baton, they basically become a spectator. What did the first three legs think as you watch the race unfold and the seeing Mark speeding down the homestretch?

51:45 How did winning gold feel? Does winning the ultimate prize in sport make it all worth it? How did you feel about competing after you became champions?

58:30 How do you feel your individual upbringings contributed to making you world-class athletes?

1:17:00 How do you guys feel that your achievements are viewed and recognized in Britain and elsewhere?

1:29:00 How did the book come about? Why have you chosen this route to publication? What do you hope the book helps change?

Oct 20, 2021

For this episode we welcome Ohio State Associate Head Coach Joel Brown. We discuss Joel's long professional hurdling career, his start into coaching and the development of 200 runner Anavia Battle.

1:30 Track & Field can humble you quick ... give us an instance where you realized there are levels to this.

3:30 Give us your evolution as a hurdler, high school and college

10:00 Growing up in Baltimore

13:10 You entered the pro ranks during arguably the deepest error of hurdling. What was that like going from a top NCAA hurdler to competing as pro along side the likes of Dayron Robles, Liu Xiang, Ladji Doucoure etc?

19:30 Tell us about competing at Helsinki World Champs - that had some of the craziest weather ever

23:35 How would you describe your hurdle style, what made you an elite-level hurdler? And talk us through who you liked competing against?

26:40 The transition from elite athlete to college coach can be different for everyone share with us your experience and what it was like for you?

29:20 Who are your coaching mentors and influences?

33:10 Having seen so much of this sport from a variety of different view points, what advice would you give yourself as a volunteer if had the opportunity to do so?

34:15 Talk us through the amazing development of Anavia Battle and some of your coaching points/philosophy in regards to the 200. She had a phenomenal season culminating earning a spot on the US Olympic Team

41:45 Give us a great track story - you have been around the sport at every level.

43:50 Who else would you like to listen to on this show?

Sep 27, 2021

This week we welcome Coach Abigi Id-Deen form the University of South Florida. Abigi talks to us about his coaching journey, the development of some star pupils and his 400 hurdles philosophy.

0:50 Track & Field can humble you quick ... give us an instance where you realized there are levels to this.

7:30 How has your college career influenced the way you coach?

10:00 Who are/were your primary mentors & influences?

14:15 Sometimes where you coach can have a significant impact on the event(s) you specialize in. You have had your fair share of success in the long sprints. Did you set out to be a great 400/400H coach or did it just come about due to circumstances?

25:40 I believe many of us remember and were somewhat enamored by David Verburg. Coming out of George Mason, a small school, albeit a school rich in track history, he got a lot of attention. Talk a little about his development because his first couple of years he was conference performer - then he just exploded on to the National scene!

33:30 Fast forward; at UNC you inherit a pretty talented 400H in Kenny Selmon. Kenny was the real deal out of high school. In 2018 he gets 2nd (a close second) at NCAA then goes on win USA outdoor championship. Tell us a little about his development that year. What changes, if any, and what key decision had to be made to allow for that success to take place?

40:00 Share with us (1) what you look for in a 400Her, (2) what do you see as important areas of focus (3) how do you break down the event to your athletes?

51:20 You have been around the block a few times ... leave us with a fun track story (or two)

59:30 Who would you like to listen to on the podcast?


Aug 31, 2021

We are BACK with Season 2 of the 1 Track Mind podcast! Our first guest this time around is Coach Ken Harnden, sprints & hurdles coach at the University of Tennessee. We talk about Ken's upbringing in Africa as well his athlete & coaching path. He is a 2x Olympian and 3x World Champs competitor and has now coached numerous NCAA champions, countless All-Americans and athletes who have gone on to shine on the international stage.


1:55 Background and upbringing in Zimbabwe

5:40 How did you get started with track?

8:00 Coming to the States and walking on at North Carolina?

10:30 Athletic development while in College

13:40 What was your ideal 400H pattern? How did you like to run your race?

16:00 Coaching Influences

19:40 Lessons, Perspectives & Impressions from your Pro Career, Olympics & World Champs

23:05 When did you decide you wanted to coach and how did that transition come about?

26:50 What is your 400H philosophy?

31:20 Evolving Stride Patterns in the 400H

36:20 Impressions of the evolution of the 400H race?

46:10 Talk to us about Walter Dix and Ngoni Makusha while at FSU. Those were some crazy talented individuals.

56:00 To conclude, give us a fun track story from your memory banks




Mar 8, 2021

Our guest today Coach Elisha Brewer. She is long-time Kansas Jayhawk assistant coach and first Arkansas student-athlete to run under 13 seconds in the 100 Hurdles:

1:00 Evolution of a Coach and 15 Years at Kansas

4:00 Mentors

9:30 Experiences of being a Student Athlete at Arkansas

13:00 At what point did you decide you wanted to coach?

16:00 How does your Background in Counseling help you in Coaching?

18:30 Social Media Influence on Student Athletes now

21:30 Short Hurdle Training Philosophy

24:30 Introducing Hurdling after getting fit

27:45 400 Hurdle Approach

32:00 Considerations for Dual-Hurdlers and Michael Stigler

40:30 What do you wish you had known as an athlete?

43:30 What is important from a mentality standpoint to be a sprinter or hurdler?

47:30 Winning a Team National Championship

55:30 Importance of Kansas Relays

1:03:00 Great Track Story

Nov 19, 2020

This episode builds from a previous conversation between Ed Lea (Harlequins RFC) and host Jason Hettler on Periodization. In this episode they each share specific examples of how they program for the athletes they work with and cover topics such as gender differences and curved treadmills.

Nov 15, 2020

For episode 20 we welcome Coach Debbie Ferguson McKenzie from the University of Kentucky. Debbie is a member of the famed Bahamas Golden Girls 4x100 Relay. After a decorated professional career we sit down and talk with her about her transition into coaching:

2:30 - Decorated Professional Track Career

8:50 - Longevity in the Sport

11:30 - Getting Into Coaching

16:15 - First Hurdle Coaching Experience

19:15 - Old vs New School Speed

21:45 - Things I Wish I Knew as an Athlete

25:10 - Track Career Helping to Coach

30:00 - Lessons from Mentors

35:45 - The Spirit of Giving

42:25 - Awesome Track Stories

Oct 28, 2020

Join Jason Hettler and Edward Lea of Harlequins RFC for a discussion around all things periodization.

Oct 25, 2020

This episode we are joined by long-time Hampton Head Coach Maurice Pierce. Coach Pierce has won over 30 conference titles over his coaching career and mentored several athletes to international success...

1:35 Staying Power at Hampton & Coaching Journey

9:00 Rich Track Culture in Virginia

14:10 Coaching at an HBCU

19:50 Switching Conferences to the Big South

25:50 Coaching with Team USA

32:40 Coaching Multiple Events

36:10 Evolution of James Carter, Kellie Wells, Yvette Lewis & David Payne

46:00 Francena McCorory Development

49:50 Working with the Strengths of Athletes

1:03.40 Great Track Story

Oct 10, 2020

Coach Calvin Robinson from Texas Tech is our guest this week. We discuss him going from a jumper and jumps coach to becoming one of the nation's best sprints coaches and his development along the way:

3:20 Coaching Journey for Jumper to Sprints Coach

8:45 Impactful Coaches

15:00 Winning an NCAA Team Title

20:45 Divine Odurudu and Developing the 200m Runner

31:10 Short Hurdle Training

34:15 Long Hurdle Training

37:55 Combo Sprinters & Hurdlers

41:50 A Lesson learned from Mickael Hanany

49:50 A Great Track Story


Oct 2, 2020

Join us for a conversation with 2 x Nike Coach of the Year Lawrence "Boogie" Johnson. Boogie has coached Olympic and World Champions in Brianna McNeal & Dalilah Muhammad along with another slew fantastic hurdlers ... also check out his cool Hurdle Mechanic clothing line:

1:30 Background and Mentors

10:45 Running at Arkansas

20:45 What Factors Make You a Good Coach?

27:10 From College to Pro Coach

30:30 College vs Professional Athletes

36:15 Hurdler Talent Identification

46:05 Short Hurdle Philosophy

54:30 Training Beyond Hurdling

1:01:20 400H vs 100H

1:07:30 The 400H World Record Build Up

1:17:50 Hurdling Mentality

1:25:45 Great Track Stories


Sep 24, 2020

We are joined today by UCF Head Coach Dana Boone. Dana details her transition from jumper to sprints coach and from Assistant to Head Coach and provides insight into her training philosophy:

3:10 - Coaching Stops & Journey

9:10 - Mentors

13:00 - Difference between Assistant & Head Coach

18:30 - Influences in Head Coaching

24:50 - From Jumper to Sprints Coach

26:35 - Sprint Training Philosophy

32:45 - Favorite Event to Coach

33:20 - Weekly Setup

41:45 - Dream 4x1s and 4x4s

50:10 - Fun Track Story

Sep 18, 2020

Today we are joined by long-time Florida Strength Coach Matt DeLancey. In this episode we discuss all things strength and power related...

1:00 Journey is Strength & Conditioning

4:00 Mentors

7:30 Speed & Power Philosophy

12:40 Developing Sprinters & Hurdlers

17:35 Lessons from Swimming & Volleyball

22:30 Strength is Just One Variable

24:55 Individualization Strategies

29:45 Periodization Model

32:20 Commonalities among Event Groups

35:35 Strength Reserve

41:50 Weight Room Gender Differences

45:55 Communication with Event Coaches

49:30 Something you Changed your Mind About

52:35 Steve Spurrier Story

54:15 Great Stories

Sep 10, 2020

This week we are joined by Coach Lennox Graham of Clemson University. We discuss Lennox's Jamaican coaching roots, hurdle philosophy, the difference between being a head vs assistant coach and the development of World Champion Danielle Williams

1:30 Coaching Career in Jamaica

5:45 Coming to the US as a Coach

10:30 Differences being a Head vs Assistant Coach

15:30 Hurdles Culture in Jamaica

19:00 Hurdles Philosophy

24:30 Training Rhythm

27:15 Development of Danielle Williams

44:00 Force on the Ground

53:00 Great Track Story

Sep 3, 2020

On this episode we welcome long-time Miami Head Coach Amy Deem. Amy has been a staple of NCAA and international track for years, culminating in appointments to lead Team USA. We talk about her evolution as a coach, special athletes she has worked with, hurdle technique, as well as the mental and culture sides of athletics.

1:30 Longevity at Univeristy of Miami

5:30 Mentors

7:15 Building a Program from Scratch

10:10 Learning from Gary Winckler

12:40 Culture of Miami

15:50 Team USA Head Coach

19:45 Coaching Lauryn Williams

25:50 Hurdle Philosophy Evolution

36:15 Differences between 100H & 110H

44:20 Mental Preparation for Big Meets

49:10 Team Building in an Individual Sport

51:40 Something you Changed Your Mind About

57:45 Great Track Story

Aug 28, 2020

Today we are joined by longtime Baylor stalwart Mike Ford. In this episode Mike talks to us about his running and coaching career, in particular what it was like to be around Sanya Richards, Jeremy Wariner, Darold Williamson and Tiffani McReynolds.

1:45 - Growing up in Rochester, NY

13:45 - On the late Cedric Walker

21:30 - Heading to Waco, TX

29:25 - Baylor 400m Legacy

36:00 - Pro Training Group

44:00 - 400m Philosophy

50:00 - Hurdles Training w/ Tiffani McReynolds

1:00.30 - Athlete Buy-In

1:10.00 - Collaborating w/ Coaches

1:18.00 - Awesome Track Story

Aug 20, 2020

Today we welcome the always insightful and entertaining Coach Larry Wade from the UNLV Rebels. Larry talks about his professional and collegiate experiences, being a successful Boxing Fitness Trainer and some great stories involving Dominique Arnold.

0:45 Giddings, Texas Upbringing

5:00 College vs Terrence Trammell

7:45 Training at Early Day HSI

13:45 Adversity in Professional Career

16:45 Transitioning to College Coaching

21:45 Training Boxers

29:00 Rhythm & Timing in Boxing & Track

31:50 Mentality in Boxing & Track

34:25 100 Hurdle Philosophy

39:30 Training Week Setup

41:30 Differences vs 100H & 110H

43:15 Signs that an Athlete is Ready to Roll

47:20 Changing your Mind about Something

56:30 Great Track Story

Aug 17, 2020

Brendan James Cole is a former Australian Olympian in the 400m Hurdles and current coach/therapist consultant in various sports. He has formerly been employed by us at ALTIS and the United States Bobsled and Skeleton Federation.


1:40 - History as an Olympic 400m Hurdler

7:20 - Favorite training menu items as an athlete

13:30 - Ending the Athletic Career and Transitioning to Coach/Therapist

17:20 - Blending the lines between coaching and therapy.

23:35 - The psychological aspect of injury and reducing training gaps

25:25 - Safeguarding against dependency on manual therapy

28:25 - The difference between coaches with high-level athletic backgrounds and those without

35:45 - Applying track and field knowledge to Winter sports and the role of variability

51:00 - Introducing plyometric training in multiple settings

55:55 - Progressing plyometrics beyond the Rudiment Hop Series

1:04:17 - Footwear considerations and barefoot training

1:10:27 - Takeaways from other training groups on the Bobsled/Skeleton tour

1:14:30 - Targeting fascial health from a coaching and therapist perspective

1:21:50 - Multi-planar work with linear populations

1:24:48 - Current endeavors and closing comments

Aug 13, 2020

This week we welcome Coach Dave Hegland from Syracuse. Dave has helped develop a lot of fast hurdlers including Jarret Eaton, Donald Politt, Freddie Crittenden and Angelo Goss among others.

2:05 Coaching Background

4:00 Mentors

7:00 Training Philosophy Evolution

8:25 Limited Facilities & Cold Temperatures

11:00 Hurdle Training & Philosophy

13:40 Weekly Training Setup

19:50 Hurdle Talent ID

21:45 Development of Jarett Eaton & Freddie Crittenden

30:00 When are Hurdlers Ready to Run Fast

36:00 An Instance Where You Changed Your Mind About Something

42:00 Who Would You Like to Listen To

Aug 11, 2020

In this episode Jason Hettler discusses the social and developmental impact of Strength & Conditioning with Dave Hembrough. 

In the early stages of Dave’s career he found himself working with a variety of athletes at the Olympic, Commonwealth, and World Championship levels. This included sports such as rugby, table tennis, golf, boxing and downhill mountain biking. 

While Dave speaks very highly of these experiences, after 5-6 years he realized he was looking for more.

This episode covers Dave's current work as a Sport Scientist at Sheffield Hallam University and as founder of the Hallam Barbell Club. 

The episode ends with Dave sharing his personal Purpose Statement, his take on Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg’s motto, “Move fast and break things” and his answer to, “What does sport/competition mean to you?”.

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